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If you missed the June 12th webinar with Steve Hodges and Margaret Smith (Appalachian Foodshed Project) you can check out the archived webinar to learn more about system dynamics modeling for food systems.

If you missed Christy Shi Day and Teisha Wymore (Community Food Strategies Project) on their work building food councils in North Carolina (May 12th), you can find the link to the archived webinar and presentation slides here.

Congratulations to the AFP Enhancement Grant Recipients!  Check out the funded projects here (or download the press release).

Check out what's going on with the Virginia Community Food Security Assessment here (pdf).

If you missed the April 17th webinar with Michelle Kaiser (Ohio State University) on her work modeling and measuring community food security, you can link to an archived recording on our webinar page.

Check out the first draft of our AFP directory. You can also see a map of organizations working to address community food security in the region.

If you would like to be included in the directory or map, please email

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Funded through the USDA's Agriculture, Food and Research Initiative (AFRI) grants program. Award Number: 2011-68004-30079

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The Appalachian Foodshed Project (AFP) is using a foodshed concept to address issues of community food security in West Virginia and the Appalachian regions of North Carolina and Virginia. AFP aims to facilitate a network of organizations and individuals working to address issues of community development, economic viability, health, nutrition, food access, social justice, and agriculture. By working collaboratively, AFP hopes to build on the human and natural resources in the region to cultivate resilient food systems and vibrant, healthy communities.

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