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eXtension Community of Practice

eXtension Community of Practice: Community, Local, and Regional Food Systems

The AFP contributes to the Community, Local and Regional Food Systems (CLRFS) eXtension Community of Practice.  This eXtension network aims to provide resource materials, training opportunities, and collegial interaction for Extension educators, community-based practitioners, and individuals involved in work related to building equitable, health-promoting, resilient, and economically balanced food systems.  The CLRFS eCoP does this by providing relevant and timely information to an extensive group of food system stakeholders nationally and internationally. The eCoP includes practitioners who are well positioned to provide new or synthesized information (and links to already published documents) that support our local, regional, and community-based food systems. The CoP also offers a unique, online meeting place for these diverse groups and interests to share information and learn from one another. Examples of these resources include:

  • CLFRS webinar series

  • Feature articles

  • Resource articles and links

  • Meet the CLRFS members through eXtension's "Expert Bios" 

  • Social media, including Facebook and an eCoP listserv (

  • Network and training opportunities 

Topics CLRFS materials and resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Beginning farmer & rancher

  • Niche production and value chain producers

  • Urban agriculture

  • Food processing

  • Institutional food preparation

  • Marketing, markets, and scale

  • Distribution & aggregation

  • Consumer food preparation

  • Nutrition & health

  • Resource & waste recovery

  • Food & agriculture policy

  • Food security

  • Food justice & food sovereignty

  • Economic development

  • Tools for evaluation and program planning

CLRFS Highlights

eXtension Community, Local & Regional Food Systems (CLRFS) Community of Practice (CoP) for a Food Security Conference, September 29 – October 1, 2014, in Cleveland, Ohio, entitled “Building Extension Capacity to Address Community Food Security through Food Systems

Check out two blog posts from AFP team member, Garland Mason, about the conference:

To learn more or to join the CLRFS eCoP, please visit:

For questions, please contact our AFP team members who serve on the CLRFS CoP leadership team:

Kim Niewolny, Virginia Tech:
Phil D’Adamo-Damery, Virginia Tech: