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The table below lists our publications starting with the most recent at the top. Click on the gray arrows in the desired column to sort the table A to Z or Z to A.  

Date Title (.pdf) ↓ State ↓ Publication Type ↓
04/26/16 Nourishing Networks: WV Community Food Security Assessment WV assessment report
03/18/16 Appalachian Virginia Community Food Security Assessment VA assessment report
02/29/16 Stories of Community Foodwork in Appalachia (link) all blog
01/29/16 WNC Community Food Security Assessment NC assessment report
11/01/15 Central Appalachian Foodshed Conference Executive Summary all meeting summary
04/01/15 AFP County Profiles (link to portal for pdf's by county) all database
11/14/13 Oct/Nov Management Team Updates all management update
10/30/13 AFP September Newsletter all newsletter
06/07/13 Community Food Assessment Workshop Summary all meeting summary
04/01/13 AFP Directory all directory
02/18/13 AFP Newsletter all newsletter
02/18/13 Management Team Updates all management update
01/23/13 Management Team Updates NC management update
10/01/12 AFP Newsletter all newsletter
08/21/12 West Virginia Action Group Updates WV group update
08/17/12 Project Summary all project summary
04/10/12 Search Conference Summary VA meeting summary
12/5/11 North Carolina Regional Meeting Summary NC meeting summary
10/28/11 Capacity Building Forum Summary VA meeting summary

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