Appalachian Foodshed Project County Profiles

The Appalachian Foodshed Project has assembled county profiles for each county in West Virginia and the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) counties of western North Carolina and southwest Virginia. Each of these profiles contains data relevant to community food security, and is organized into a modified version of the Whole Measures for Community Food Systems: Healthy People, Thriving Economies, Justice and Fairness, and Vibrant Farms and Gardens.

According to AFP stakeholders, community food security involves:
  • Ensuring that healthy food is accessible and available to all community members
  • Empowering communities to determine where/how to focus work for food system change
  • Cultivating ecologically and financially sustainable agriculture
  • Balancing food security and farm security
  • Engaging youth and young people
  • Fostering a healthier community
  • Working for justice and equity

  • Funded by a 2011 USDA NIFA-AFRI Grant (Award No. 2011-68004-30079)